Program Requirements

ACES High, ACES High+ and NMSU VAC-Verified

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Requirements for the NMSU Certified Calf Program
Item ACES High ACES High+ NMSU VAC-Verified
BQA Certified
Program tag at branding
Castrated and dehorned at branding
MLV or CA-respiratory vaccines at branding
Booster Clostridial (7-, 8-, or 9-way) at weaning ✔ (2-4 weeks before)
Booster MLV respiratory vaccines at weaning ✔ (2-4 weeks before)
Primary Mannheimia haemolytica at weaning ✔ (2-4 weeks before)
Internal and external parasite control
840 EID tag at weaning
Weaned 45+ days
Booster as needed
* Consult with your veterinarian before starting or changing a vaccination program